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The Scottsdale OPH proudly Sponsors the Forby Animal Foundation.

Throughout the year 2010, the owner of the Original Pancake House in Scottsdale will donate 50% of each purchase of the Dutch Baby and 49’er Flapjack to the Forby Animal Foundation.

The Forby Animal Foundation was established in 2005 to honor the memory of a true advocate for pets.

Owner Ron Horton’s dear aunt, Sarah Forby, dedicated her time, assets and undying love for pets throughout her 80 years.

A small woman with a big heart, Sarah Forby was a pet lover, pure and simple.

Having no formal training or financial backing, she cared for any and all animals that crossed her path. Knowing that anything, no matter how small, could make a difference in their precarious lives. She knew the joy of a puppy, the loyalty of a mutt and heartbreak of the loss of a friend.

The Foundation’s Vision and Mission:

The Forby Animal Foundation's vision is a lifelong, loving home for every pet and to promote healthy relationships between people and pets.

Visit their website at:

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The Original Pancake House,
winner of the James Beard Award, opened their Scottsdale location in April of 1988. It has been voted one of the Top Ten Best Restaurants of Arizona, and owner Ron Horton, known as “the pancake man”, makes sure that commitment to quality and attention to detail are on the menu each and every day.

A few "specialties of the house"

Apple Pancake

A delicious concoction all of our own! We start with a special batter, pour it over fresh sautéed apples and bake it halfway, and then we glaze it with cinnamon sugar, flip it over and bake it again! What comes out of the oven in a delightfully bubbly dish brimming with apples and cinnamon. Our best seller - it has been copied, but never duplicated!

Dutch Baby

This recipe was derived from the kitchens of great German cooks, oven baked and served with whipped butter, lemon and a dusting of powdered sugar. One of our lightest pancakes!

Available at the Scottsdale Location:

Ron’s Special
Southwest Eggs

Scrambled with caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, special seasoning and cheddar cheese. Served with four potato pancakes.

49’er FlapJack

Three large thin, rich and chewy pancakes, straight from the famous mother lode country. A little different from regular pancakes.

We also have a "daily specials" menu, such as:

Green Chile Breakfast Burrito

Grits with smoked cheddar and topped with bacon

Two spicy chicken sausage patties with 2 eggs, hash browns and 3 buttermilk pancakes

C'mon in, see and taste for yourself!